How to Survive a Price War

In a price war, companies that compete with each other can’t compete on price, so they lower their prices to get more sales. While lower prices lead to more sales in the short term, they can also hurt long-term viability. When the competition gets too intense, a company may find itself out of business. Fortunately,… Continue reading How to Survive a Price War

The Different Types of Real Estate

There are several different types of real estate. Land, industrial property, residential property, and commercial property are the most common types. Each type of real estate has its own unique set of characteristics, but they all have similar functions: they are all transactions involving land and permanent improvements. These improvements can range from new construction… Continue reading The Different Types of Real Estate

What Is Site Area?

The term “site area” refers to the area of a site, which includes the footprint of a building. It is also known as the property area, and it encompasses all areas of a property. It is the limit of work that can be done. If the entire property has to be redone, it will take… Continue reading What Is Site Area?

Organization Economic Cooperation OECD

The International Economic Organization is a United Nations body that provides a forum for developing countries. It is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and has 193 member countries. The United Nations General Assembly established UNCTAD in 1961 to deal with issues of development and poverty. It holds conferences every four years. Its goal is to formulate… Continue reading Organization Economic Cooperation OECD

What is the Value of Money?

The value of money is a universal conjecture, but there are many disagreements regarding its actual definition. It has been conjectured since ancient times and is an implication of the later concept of time preference. There is no single correct explanation of the concept of the value of money, however. Here are some of the… Continue reading What is the Value of Money?

Gum Formation in Brazilian Gasoline

The slow oxidation of olefins in gasoline fuels is responsible for gum formation in storage tanks. High-molecular-mass oxidation products can become insoluble and form deposits in the storage tank. These deposits can impact the fuel combustion, injection pattern, and durability of the fuel line parts. In addition, they can significantly increase pollutant emissions. Consequently, it… Continue reading Gum Formation in Brazilian Gasoline