Driving Manners – Tips to Avoid Accidents

Driving manners refer to general rules of courtesy that communities expect drivers to follow. These rules go as far back as the early 1900s when drivers were still using horse-drawn carriages. If you want to avoid getting into a car accident, driving with proper driving manners is vital. Below are some tips that can help you drive in a courteous 방문도로연수 manner. Use your turn signals. Don’t tailgate. Remember to be polite.

Keep your eyes and ears on the road

As we get older, our sense of hearing may decline, but it doesn’t mean we should abandon our attention to the road. Distracted driving is still a liability, but it can be less dangerous if we follow certain guidelines. We need to pay extra attention to the road, especially during bad weather, and avoid texting or talking on the phone while driving. Also, keep your head up and avoid wearing hats or hoods, which can impair peripheral vision.

Avoid tailgating

When you are driving on the road, it is important to stay at a safe distance from other vehicles. If you are tailgating another driver, you run the risk of getting sandwiched between their car and yours. This is dangerous for the people in the other vehicle, and can cause an accident. The rule of three seconds also applies to tailgaters, so it is best to stop your vehicle at least three seconds before the car in front.

Use your turn signals

Using your turn signals when driving is very important. They are not only necessary but also legal. They let other drivers know when you’re about to make a turn and prevent accidents. A good tip is to use your signal at least 100 feet before the intersection. In addition, if you have a flashing arrow, you should always look at it. A loud volume of music can distract you from seeing the arrow and may make it difficult to use your signal.

Be polite

It is important to be courteous when driving. When you are driving, there are many things you can do to make other drivers feel welcome, including giving them a courtesy wave. It is also important to follow traffic rules. Not following them can result in severe consequences such as an accident. Always keep a safe distance from other drivers and be patient, as you may need to wait for their turn to proceed. Lastly, be polite to cyclists, and remember that little gestures go a long way.

Avoid pinching someone else’s parking spot

There are certain etiquette rules that must be followed when you’re parking your car. First of all, don’t block traffic by backing up into someone else’s space. It frustrates other drivers. Don’t confront someone or honk at them. Instead, try to let them park in the spot. If they still refuse, you’re breaking proper driving etiquette.

Avoid honking your horn unless it’s to avoid an accident

One common mistake when driving is honking your horn at another driver. By honking, you may cause a distracted driver to make a wrong turn, which could endanger you and other drivers. Also, your horn may cause road rage, which is harmful for both parties. Only use your horn when it’s absolutely necessary to avoid an accident.